Welcome to FSI’s SplashCast Session

May 5, 2008

This blog was created for participants for the SplashCast Session.  For handouts see the SplashCast Handouts link at the right.

The rest of this page is for those who participated.


Create a Page

  • Click on write and then page.
  • Type your name in the Title box. Write something about your show and then embed your spashcast show there.
  • To embed a show– in Splashcast click on your player.
  • In the right column you will see the WordPress Box.
  • Under that is a prompt that says to “Copy Word Press Code.
  • Copy that code.
  • On the page you are creating here– click on the HTML link on the bar and paste your code into the Html box.
  • Click on and Save and Publish
Facilitators: Sarah Hjeltness (shjeltn2@uiuc.edu) and Lori Mestre (lmestre@uiuc.edu)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign